Starwood is an independently run export agency, specializing in sourcing softwood, hardwood and specialty plywoods, veneers, lumber and other wood products from Brazil. Starwood connects Brazilian mills and buyers overseas, finding the best matches according to the customers’ needs and the factories’ production capabilities. In this intermediation role, Starwood is entirely committed to providing the best quality, service, and technical advise, as well as building a trusting relationship between the two sides to ensure a lasting and profitable business connection.

Starwood, is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and its managing director, Mr. Bruno Stern, has been in the plywood business for over 13 years. As President and Commercial Director of Gethal Amazonas, he was responsible for turning the largest wood company in the State of Amazonas, into the world’s first tropical plywood mill certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). He has been actively defending the cause of the forestry industry for many years. Bruno Stern was founder and President of the National Forum of Forestry Based Activities (Forum Nacional das Atividades de Base Florestal), Director of the Washington, D.C. - based Tropical Forest Foundation, Counselor of ABIMCI (Brazilian Association of Wood Industries), and an advisor to the PPG-7 forestry program of the World Bank.

Given his extensive involvement in the forest products industry, Mr. Bruno Stern has acquired substantial technical knowledge of the plywood business and understanding of the consuming markets, while becoming well known and respected by all the parties involved. Drawing from these experiences, Bruno Stern founded Starwood Ltda. in May 2002, and the company has quickly established itself as a respected Brazilian wood export agency.

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