Starwood closely monitors each stage of the orders from the initial inquiry to subsequent shipment and final payment with thorough attention to detail. Already since the first inquiry, Starwood advises the buyers on which would be the best mills to suit their needs, considering quality, pricing and delivery requirements. We regularly visit all mills that we deal with throughout Brazil, to ensure strict adherence to the customers’ specifications, quality standards and international norms. Starwood monitors the booking of the vessels, the delivery of the goods to the port, the shipment and all the necessary documentation to ensure that the goods arrive at their destination as ordered and according to schedule.

Starwood also provides consulting services regarding the various aspects of the forest industry. For example, Starwood is qualified to advise customers on matters such as strategic marketing issues, investment possibilities, financing, regulatory constraints, industrial opportunities, forestry and quality certification, government and NGO relations, and any other issues relating to the forestry industry on a global basis.